Thursday, December 2, 2010

We have a network of Tour Managers who have firsthand knowledge of the area in which they operate!

When we say "enjoy every wave!" we mean it in every which way possible. And, we're aware that this promise can be delivered only if there is a team that believes in this philosophy. As a Destination Management Company with a difference, we handpick people who enjoy creating "experiences for our guests", rather than those who think "you holiday. we work". This passion blended with sensitivity towards guest preferences is what we look for in our potential employees. Andaman Holidays has a team that exactly fits into this description. Tour Managers who know the lay of the land here are one of our strong points, indeed. They just don't bore you with "intelligence" that you've already gone through a hundred times on Lonely planet, but enthrall you with insights with local flavor, that make your tour interesting, engaging and lively. They also are performers who are sensitive to the tastes of the guests and play to gallery. When our guests go back, it's only natural that they take home a relationship, along with loads of pleasant experiences.

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