Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our attention to details and promptness in queries-handling, have helped us earn a reputation as the best and most efficient tour operator!

Quicker turn-arounds, prompt reverts and efficient understanding are common expectations of any customer, from any business. In Hospitality, it's lifeline. Andaman Holidays takes it even further and practises this as a culture. Customers call us from different geographies and different time zones of the world and we're conscious that they have lot of concerns in terms of visiting a far-off island. That's why you'll find our staff being warm and connective, rather than just being over-courteous. They listen to customers first without any presumptions and assure them a timeline within which appropriate proposals are prepared and sent. Our callers-to-guests ratio has always been one of the highest in the Islands, as we see them as individuals rather than just wallets.

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