Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our reasonable rates make us the most attractive tourist agency for anyone who wants to take on the Andamans in the best way!

What would be the right amount to spend on a holiday? Especially when you're touring a "road-less-travelled" destination like Andamans? Well, there could be a plethora of answers, depending on your priorities, tastes and tour preferences. Fortunately, at Andaman Holidays we understand them all. Thanks to our decade old experience and expertise in handling people & their very individualistic preferences, we enjoy the very process of understanding your version of a tour and customising it - to any degrees that's feasible in this developing destination. And, you know, costs too vary accordingly while they are true & reasonable, compared to the exotic experiences that the respective tour gives you. And the most important aspect here is - we enjoy every booking! That, actually, is the secret ingredient behind our undeterring enthusiasm and adventurous approach in customising your programme here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

We offer a number of special interest tour options, apart from organizing regular tours

Special Interest Tours are one aspect that illustrate our individual-centeric options. If you are one of those exclusive people who want to take on the islands in your own unique way, we are game for it. We meticulously understand your personal preferences and craft a tour programme that exactly gets the flavour that you want - for example, a History Tour of Andamans. This will help guests who specifically want to understand the Islands' journey through various times, especially the colonial period which is significant. We can plan and execute a theme that takes you primarily to those locations that stand testimony to the sea of changes Andamans went through under the colonial rule. This, coupled with our eye for details enables you to not just "visit" those places, but also "explore" and "experience" those days. Literally.