Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Andaman Holidays is the first to get the Tourism Ministry’s recognition “Incredible India” in Andamans.

What is Incredible India?
The “Incredible India” project was started by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India to promote tourism in india.

Why Incredible India?
The Tourism Ministry has a scheme of approving Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Adventure Tour Operators and Tourist Transport Operators, the idea being to encourage quality, standard and service in these categories to promote Tourism in India. And, only these approved operators can use the term "Incredible India" that stands for their credibility and reliability.

Why Andaman Holidays?
Andaman Holidays practised all these standards of quality and beyond, which led us to get the recognition “Incredible India”.

Note: Ministry of Tourism, Government of India advises to use only authorized and approved tour guides and tour operators for a pleasurable and trouble-free holiday in India.

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