Friday, August 19, 2011

Snorkeling in Andaman Islands

Snorkeling in Andaman Islands is a unique lifetime experience. Andaman Islands offers rarest varieties of corals and rich marine life. You can enjoy the under water marine life by snorkeling.
Some useful Snorkeling tips:
- Ensure eco-safe waterproof sunscreen has been applied 30 minutes prior to entering the water, use a t-shirt or rash guard too
- Choose a sandy area to enter and exit. Never step on hard bottom as there are rocks, corals and sea urchins close to shore which can harm you or you could harm them
- It is important to be aware and control your fins at all times; avoid kicking up the sand or sediment
- Leave coral, sand, shells and rocks where they lay, they provide valuable resources for marine life, never remove anything from except garbage from the marine environment
- Obey and read all posted signs
- Never swim against a current - swim diagonally through it

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