Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Few points to keep in mind when you are planning to visit Andaman

For foreign tourists:

1. If you happen to have foreign passport, it must be valid for at least 6 months duration.

2. If you are not Indian by nationality, you must have a valid Indian visa.
3. Andaman Islands are restricted zone. If your visa has a stamp that says "Not valid for restricted areas" or something similar, you may not be allowed to enter Andaman Islands. In case you have such restriction, the immigration officer may or may not allow you or they may advice you to contact the issuing embassy and remove such restriction. Till such time you may be deputed to mainland India.

As per Indian standard time, sunrise is generally between 0500 and 0530 hours and sunset is at 1730 hours. Since Andaman and Nicobar Islands are very near the equator line, they have early sunrises and sunsets. Day starts quite early with sun rising as early as 0500 hours some times and gets dark early as well. So getting up early will help you have more hours to visit and enjoy the sights.

Andaman Islands Ferry Service from Port Blair to other islands is famous for its timely and regular service. But sometimes due to adverse weather and mechanical trouble, they may be cancelled. So plan room for unscheduled and unavoidable delays while booking flights.

If you are spending the last leg of the tour at Havelock, please arrange to spend the last night prior to boarding at Port Blair. There is no ferry to take you to Port Blair early enough to catch the flight back to mainland India the same day.

It is recommended to enjoy scuba diving a day after your air travel to avoid any health complication as undertaking scuba diving and air travel on the same day may cause some health concerns due to compression reasons and may indispose travellers.

To travel in style, you can charter a speedboat or an amphibian seaplane from Port Blair to Havelock Island as well to reach Port Blair from Havelock Island the day you are flying out to India. 

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