Monday, April 11, 2011

Andaman Trunk Road

ATR (Andaman Trunk Road) is the arterial road of the Andaman Islands. It runs from Port-Blair, the islands’ capital to Diglipur, the headquarters of the North Andamans. The length of the road is approximately 333 Kms. This covers South Andaman, Middle Andaman and North Andaman. The ATR cuts through dense vegetation and at places are punctuated by the inward sea waters. The fact that the ATR cuts through the aborigines’ reserve has made the Government to take serious steps to contain threats to the flimsy aboriginal population. Security Guards are provided on the State Government’s Transport Buses that ply the ATR. The ATR runs through forests that are abundant with trees like Andaman Padauk and the Mahua, some of which are even thousand years old. These forests also have some animals, like the pig and deer. There are three important Creeks – Nilambur creek, Kadamtala creek and Kalighat creek. Bus and boat facilities are provided for passengers. This road extends through important areas
·        Garacharma (Industrial area)                                       
·        Water Sports Complex
·        SippiGhat
·        ICAR Agricultural farm
·        Ferrarganj
·        Jirka Tang
·        Middle Straight Bakultala, Kadamtala
·        Rangat (Second township of Andaman)
·        Swadeshnagar
·        Billyground
·        Mayabunder / Austin Bridge Mohanpur / Kishorinagar to Diglipur
One has to travel by boat to visit Kalighat Creek, one of the three creeks that punctuate the ATR. At times, tourists enjoy watching crocodiles while sailing on the blue waters here. After visiting Kalighat, one can travel towards the last spot, Diglipur.
Here, tourists also get an opportunity to watch elephants lifting heavy logs with the help of their trunks. It is splendid in itself because it is impossible for hundreds of men to lift a log. Elephants do their work with skill. They dump those heavy logs in trucks that carry them from the dense forest to the road side. People watch elephants work with impeccable efficiency and are spell bound.
In their return journey, tourists prefer traveling by boats from Diglipur to Port Blair. If they are lucky, they have access to hundreds and thousands of Dolphins playing in velvet blue waters. At times group of Dolphins even follow the boats.
The islands of Middle Andaman and the North Andaman are connected with a fly over bridge “Chengappa Bridge” over the Austen creek. The Bridge on the picturesque ATR also is a tourist attraction.  
The journey along the ATR is soul-searching and a colorful experience, as one can come across the varieties of people, flora and fauna that’re unique to the Andamans. For taking on the ATR in the best way, please feel free to write to or visit call: 91 3192 239595. 

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